Domu (pronounced “DOE-Moo”) is a robust, map-friendly, spam-free, apartment-listing website that allows landlords to reach tenants directly by posting full-page apartment listings, complete with photographs and videos. Domu performs no brokerage services and charges no commissions.

Through aggressive marketing campaigns targeting Chicagoland renters, Domu drives hundreds of thousands of prospective tenants to its apartment listings each year. Landlords benefit from Domu’s substantial internet traffic by renting out their apartments quickly and affordably, minimizing both turn-around time and reletting expenses.

As more and more people turn to renting in today’s market, open-forum internet sites have become hijacked by spam listings, bait-and-switch tactics, blind advertisements, and other practices, creating headaches for tenants. Domu is a safe-haven, which is why tenants have been flocking here in droves. Using Domu’s intuitive and powerful search features, tenants can hone in quickly on apartment listings that meet their criteria and contact the landlords directly.

Domu is derived from the Latin word for home, which is “domus.” It means “home” in Polish, Croatian, Czech, Slovak, Slovenian, and Bosnian.

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