Peter Suslock

At MediaManagement Peter is responsible for making sure that good copywriting isn’t ruined by the requirements of good SEO and vice versa. A copywriter by trade, Peter has 30 years of Direct Response experience – twenty of which he served as Creative Director for The Direct Marketing Agency (DMA), now N. W Ayer Direct.

Peter’s first client at DMA was Eastern Airlines and since then he has worked on campaigns for Porsche, Range Rover, Metropolitan Life (Annuities Division), Travelers Insurance, Hoffman La Roche, Bell South, American Express, Citi Bank, Aderans, Jaguar, Saab, Bank of New York, Dime Bank, IBM, Tigon, and Farrell among others.

Peter continues to win accolades from our client roster and remains an indispensable creative force within our marketing team.

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