Teri Goldstein

“I first met Eric after I launched my third website. My business had just grown after being a business for 5 years from a DBA into TG Travel Group LLC and was launching my new product line of photo tours, A Different Perspective. For this product I had done something I had never done before, hired a team—a project manager, graphic designer, IT and a SEO/marketing person. I knew that it would take time for new clients to find me after the website was launched but needed a jumpstart. I was referred to Eric, who immediately knew what to do. I was concerned that I was a small fish compared to the large companies that he already worked with but he never made me feel that way. He treated me with the same respect and protocol along with explaining each step of the way. Within three months I had cold calls from my website due to his expertise. I know this would not have happened without Eric. I highly recommend him.”